Multiple Service Operators are facing many challenges in their changing environment. They are dealing with technologies, legals and financial constraints to grow their business among their competitors. Context may be very complex depending on enterprise history, size and location. But one of the most important challenge is to measure and maintain QOS of their network.


Choose EASYDOCSIS and we will help you to find improvements from judicious data collected in your network and wise analysis of them. Monitor your network with the best practices from the market. Get started and find how you can improve QOS next month: we are ready to dynamize your company and satisfy your customers!

Find the truth, share it and try to make it better!

So what can you expect?
- inform customer about their technical issue or question during their first call
- alert out of service issue in less than 15 minutes
- detect revelant degration of service issue in less than 48 hours
- act proactively in necessary locations
- and much more...

The solution is absolutely not limited to be used by call-center only: maintenance, support, engineering teams are able with revelant technical data to deal with your access network life. Thanks to that, it is easy for you to define and implement common procedures, projects, SLA and objectives inside your organisation to improve QOS.
Based on our experiences, we will proposed rapidly the best suited solution for your needs.

Access network management

Get a complete solution to manage your actual network and move successfully in the world of gigabits infrastructure! Make necessary changes and check performances in your network for all technologies (DOCSIS 3.1/GPON/xDSL/G.FAST...). Control multiple technical architecture with the same easy solution.

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Real-time management

Detect and resolve outage in less than 15 minutes. Analyze remotely your network and take the right decision to reduce useless solicitation of your teams. Call-centers operators have direct access to all necessary information to validate CPE connection. Maintenance team get access to the same information and can validate impact of their operations and quality indicators in different area of the network.

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Data mining

Retrieve technical information from a comprehensive data repository. Follow trends, build technical reports, reduce outage and improve quality. Departments can propose objectives to improve quality and availability of customer's services and recude Mean Time To Repair.

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